Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here and Now - vs - There and Then

¿Passion for life, where does it come from, where does it go?

Here and now, that´s all that really exists, I know this. It is in the core of all the great teachings.

I must admit that I am a bit perplexed at the moment. It may be because I am in "comparison mode. (Or is that: "judging" mode) The question I am asking myself is "Where does Passion come from"
Here are some places it doesn´t come from;
dulling your senses
building a wall around yourself (figuratively or literally)
trying to "figure out" what is wrong
dwelling on the past (or the future)
pointing a finger outward and thinking "If only .....then....." You fill in the blanks.
I think for me all these things ring true. There is no passion to be found in any of these activities, the only possible exception is dwelling on the future. I am a builder of things and for me building includes the vision, the process and completion. Does passion dwell in the vision, or the process, or both?

I really don´t know the answer to that one. I do know that passion is a fleeting thing for me at times. My passion might be NIA dancing for a portion of my life, then it may be flute playing, or writing, or juggling, or building, or designing, or combining these things, or, or, .....

So what´s the deal. Is finding passion like trying to hold on to a handful of water, or trying to keep the bliss felt in one moment so it can live again in another moment.

I guess I´ll sleep on it.

I've slept on it a bit and my conclusion is that passion is similar to God, or Spirit on however you want to describe the Great Mystery. It is something that has no definitive form, yet it exists in everything we do and it always has unlimited ptoential. Venturing a step further on to the thin ice of defining passion:
It is the source of the energy we put into an action or activity. The amount of energy at the source is infinite, and individually we have choices as to how much of that passion we put into anything we do. We always have the choice: Do I open the passion valve a little bit here or open it all the way.

Passion is not a static thing, it is a mode of action. It is the "gusto" we put into the activities of our lives.

That has been helpful for me to (figuratively) spit this out. Now I can go back to my travel journal and make an entry for San Pedro which is what inspired me to write this.

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