Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Transitions ~ They're always afoot

I have been pondering diving into this journal again. Normally it's just a travel journal, and since I am always traveling through life I guess anytime is a good time to dive in.

No, that is not me pictured above, that is my good friend Ted Bowers (with his daughter) He has been an inspiration to me. He passed last week unexpectedly from a heart attack and even from the other side of life he still inspires me. I know and love his family, I have watched his kids grow up, camped and played music with the family. Beemers every one one of them.  I am sad for their loss. 

I titled this "Transitions" for a reason: It seems that this year has been a year of pondering and initiating changes in my life. In some respects I feel a bit like a narcissist sharing this here, but I also feel that sharing transitions here and now with friends, loved ones and even strangers can be a positive thing. Like signposts on the road.

This transition is more than another mid life crises, or rite of passage. I like the analogy of going into chrysalis,  I'm in this stage where I know there is a transition happening, but I have no idea what the other side looks like.  Kinda sounds like dying. No I'm not talking about dying I am talking about living a new chapter of my life and living it fully,
I guess this will act as an introduction to what I am diving into, and what it looks like on this end.

Order to Chaos      Chaos to Order

Stayed tuned for Earth Shattering Revelations

(Or Maybe just some good "gossip" about Ken)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Solstice is here and now Spring is Drawing Near

Seasons Greetings Friends   and  Thanks for Travelling with Me!
Winter Solstice in Idaho is a special time for me. (This photo taken Dec. 2nd)
In the new Year, I am going to be asking your help and advice.
Thinking Outside of the Box (my podcast) is now listed on iTunes

Three things I will be asking for help with:
  • Designing our finished logo (I love Jenica's picture, but not the best logo design)
  • I want to expand the content and want to know what your interests are
  • I will need your help by subscribing in iTunes and by being a part of the T double Oh TB community (TOOTB = Thinking Outside of the Box,)  this "podcast thing" is really about interacting and connecting so please stay in touch, your input is really what makes it special for me.
That bears repeating:  
Your input is what really makes it special for me. 
Best wishes my friends    Stay in Touch 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Greeting and an Epilog

Good morning! And Happy Thanksgiving!

This post is going out just to express my gratitude to all of you who joined me on my journey, and to invite you to join me for a few hours of live radio this Thanksgiving Day.

I'll be dipping into our holiday music library (in a mellow way) and pretty much just hanging out with you and your family.

I'm grateful that KRFY has given me the opportunity to do this,  
and I am grateful that You are part of my Life.

That will be today November 28th 12 noon to 2:00 Pacific Standard Time
(time zone converter here: http://worldclock/converter.html

And here is a link to Panhandle Community Radio: 

Regarding that Epilog:
The ending of every Great Journey is always greeted by the beginning of a new Great Journey!
Thanks for being part of my Journey

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Off to the other coast and the trip home.

My Friend Masai
And my bay area home Berkeley
I always feel much smarter when I am hanging out in the halls a academia.

Pretty sweet spot to be hanging out - I love it! (In the Winter)

Just a few more stops left on this sojourn. Well, actually more than a few but I am close to beginning the homeward bound leg of this journey. I planned to bide my time in Berkeley for a few days then head to Atascadero, Ca and spend some time helping my brother and sis in law prepare for the wedding of their first born. I may just make the rest of this journal a photo essay, so here are the destinations and events left for me to journal.  Atascadero, hanging with my bro, San Louis Obispo, Jessica and Kyles wedding. San Jose with my brother and sister to visit Amalia a housekeeper/helper/nanny in our lives when we were young, then a marathon ride with Shay and friends returning from a two day Disneyland adventure, Time in Oregon with Shay and Rob and Family, then time in Seattle and Tacoma, leaving only a 7 hour drive for me to be back home in Idaho.

This is my brother Steve's house in Atescadero

Note the tree. That big half of the tree fell on the garage (didn't damage the garage) and Steven jacked it back, bolted it together.  Look at the next picture

Note, the added support going up through the roof down through the wall of the garage

My sister Kathy celebrated the big 7 ---0---
That's a lot of candles Kathy, you definitely need help with that!
 My bro, walking his daughter down the aisle. 
I remember that walk for me and when it was time to give my little girl away it was not easy.
note: Credit for these nice wedding pictures (5 below here) go to my Niece Sarah - Great Photographer!
I really would love to hear my brothers last words of fatherly advice here.
It put a grin on Jessica's face

 The beautiful newlyweds  Kyle and Jessica
 You may kiss the bride!
And now it's time to PARTY!
 Left to right, me, Tenley, Shay, Jenica, and another Disneyland bound friend I've forgotten her name
Accursio, me, Corinne and the undisputed charmer of the event Alessandro
 Cash dancing with his mom
 I heard expression – dancing fools 
No offense Caslers but I think we gave new meaning to that expression 
See below

I won't name any names, and you will notice there's no pictures of me here
 Above the picture booth we built on a trial run (everybody sober)
Below (not so sober at the wedding party)
Left to right: Reese, Steve, Steve and Kathleen 

I don't think I explained yet, about the Disneyland trip that was planned in conjunction with the wedding. Shay had this planned a long time ago and her and a group of her lady friends and both her kids went down to Disneyland after the wedding this is them saying goodbye we're off to Disneyland!
They met up with one other lady at Disneyland and one other kid and had a great time.
After this they picked me up on the way north and we had a marathon drive back to Oregon.
This was a heart wrenching day. While and the kids were Disneyland me and my brother and three sisters drove up to San Jose to visit with Amalia. Amalia was like a nanny to us and we haven't seen her in many many years. 
It was sad for me because I realized that I missed my chance to reconnect with her while she was still cognisant and I won't get that time back.
Shay and Rob's house I'm Molalla Oregon now.

Tenley flexing her "cute" muscles
 Shay, Jenica and Tenley (below)
 I'm always grateful for time I have with my family and I always find an excuse to celebrate. 
We had a faux Thanksgiving and it was great fun.
The guys did the cooking, and the kids set the table.  
Well, that's not exactly a turkey Rob is carving, but we pretended.

Jenica is playing basketball now so we were shooting some hoops together.
 Picture may be sideways – but it was a fair and square basket. Yeah Jenica!
Goodbye Oregon and hello Washington. I took the Amtrak train to Seattle got my car and then went down to Tacoma hangout with my other family.
Rhianna, Joshua, Kayla, and Egan.
 More playtime in Tacoma!

 Kayla and I had a date we went to McDonald's Playland together.

 It was a quick visit, I got a little bit of work done, and a lot of playing but I was Jonesing to be back home so I'm on the road to Idaho now
Snow on Snoqualmie Pass
Snow at Hyak too. A little point of pride here, that overhead reader (you can't read it) was put there by my son-in-law Joshua. I'm a proud daddy in law.
 He ran the electric crew on the pass for two or three summers when they were doing highway improvement.
The Longbridge - Getting close to home!
Nice sunset on the way out of the supermarket and heading on the last leg home!
Warren Island  (closer)
6 inches of brand-new snow welcoming me home!
The angel windvane is pointing South, I don't know is that a harbinger of trips to come. 
I'm glad to be home now. However I'll be heading out again in a few months.

I'm back home now, and writing this in postscript fashion. I have loved this journaling process and now I'm in that transition stage of being at home and not thinking about travel journaling. I'm thinking about playing music, producing my podcast, hooking up with friends and celebratingThanksgiving.
Speaking of celebrating, and Thanksgiving, that's something I think we should do every day of the year.
 Are you in?
Please stay in touch, I love hearing from you!